Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks to the wonder that is the internets, I got to watch Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Much to the chagrin of my brother, I'm sure, I didn't hate the movie. It made me laugh and smile in many places. It did, however, have its unbelievable parts, certainly not based in any kind of reality that you or I live in. The main thing I have a problem with is the ridiculously cute Jewish girl main character who has semi-decent taste in music and doesn't believe she's all that cute. That kind of shit just plain doesn't happen. A girl like that, she knows how cute she is and how awesome she seems and wouldn't put up a whiny bitch like the character Micheal Cera plays(the same character he plays in everthing he's in). And then they want me to believe that Micheal Cera actually has women problems? That guy probably has almost as many female suitors as Henry Rollins. But if you can suspend reality for the duration of the movie, it's not so bad.

Desperation lately has led me to do a very stupid thing that I'm not sure what to do with now. I've registered myself on one of those online dating sites, a seemingly better one than I tried before, seeing as the matches it finds in Central Wisconsin aren't women who say they're 25 but bear a striking resemblance to my step-mom who hasn't been 25 since I was born. The problem comes in when there's actually women responding to my profile. Why's that bad? Well, let's look at what time of year it is. Some two weeks from now is the ides of February and, from my observations, in their minds, the worst thing possible for a woman in CentSconsin on that day is to be alone. That's my problem. These women, they don't care who they're with, just as long as they're with someone. Not quite what I'm looking for, so I'm keeping communications low key until after their own desperation goes away. It also doesn't help that I don't subscribe to that whole day because, and hear me out here, why is receiving a gift that day any better than receiving a gift on some random day in June? I posit that the gesture would be better on that random day, as the gift wasn't given because of some manufactured purpose. Rather than some sort of hollow gesture, giving on that random day, just because, should be seen as a real sign that that person cares. Go ahead, call me cheap, call me a douche, laugh at me because I'll be sitting at home alone with a gallon of Neopolitan ice cream, watching John Cusack movies on that day. But I think I come out ahead on that day because, being alone on that day means I don't have to share the chocolate section of that Neopolitan ice cream with anyone.

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