Friday, January 30, 2009

I was just handed some great news, at least on the job front. They tell me my job is extended through the end of 2009, if I want it. That's a great relief in this uncertain economy, even if it means I'll remain a contractor and all the non-benefits that provides, such as no paid vacation, no retirement funds to speak of, and no health insurance.

I'm not saying I *WANT* to stay on resetting people's passwords and taking apart "parts machines" in an effort to make one functional all day, but it's better than the prospect of sleeping until noon because I've got nothing to do.

I think my next goal with my job is to start on the new years resolution that says I'm going to get certifications. Once there, I should start looking into becoming self-employed. The agency that hires me out makes three times what I make. Yeah, they pay taxes, but they're still making money hand over fist through my labor. So I need these certifications that make up for my lack of a bachelor's degree, so I can say "Hey, You can cut out the middleman and pay me directly that $45-60 an hour and I'll happily come to work every day. Hell, I won't even scoff at users behind their backs and I'll no longer consider changing that guy's password to YourPasswordIsPasswordAsshole77."

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