Thursday, December 18, 2008

Well, I can do this thing now or wait a couple weeks until the end of the year. Since it's readily apparent that the ones that still remain incomplete won't be finished by year's end and, on year's end and day after, I intend on not being of sound body and mind due to a $70 bottle of whiskey, let's take care of it now.

Nearly 365 days ago, I made my yearly to-do list. Here's how I did:

1. Kiss a girl - I mark it halfway because, yes, after years of being at the top of the list, I was able to do it again. But I'm always shooting for one of those ones that turn your knees to jello and make your mind only capable of thinking "WOW!". Didn't happen. This one stays at the top of the list until such a time that it's an everyday, common occurrence.
2. Stop hating myself so much - This one's halfway because it's forever a work in progress.
3. Move into my own apartment - Done, Fortress of Solitude. It may be cold and my heat bill more than doubled last month for it but it's still my Fortress, sweet Fortress.
4. Get used to being alone because that's how it's gonna stay Hell, I live on my own. Yeah, it sucks sometimes, but sometimes it's pretty awesome. I don't like going out to eat alone, yet, though, because the waiter or waitress still gives that look like "What a fucking loser. He can't even find someone to eat pancakes with." but what're you gonna do?
5. Find a reason to stay alive - Meh. I'm still dieing the day I turn 40, or 30 if I'm still in Wisconsin on that day. I can't find the day that I made that addendum, but it's in there somewhere.
6. Gain 15 pounds of not fat. - Actually, I think I lost 5 pounds of not muscle. I don't know where it was, but it's not there anymore. That's not necessarily a good thing because I don't know many women who are interested in guys whose ribs show through t-shirts.
7. Be more awesome - I spent my spring break in Tennessee building houses for poor people(nevermind that we didn't accomplish much because the TN Habitat for Humanity is ridiculously disorganized), I made and gave a cd to a girl whose name I didn't even know, I got a fucking job, went to Canada on their dime, I got my own place and my Tomsgiving feast kicked ass. Yeah, I'm awesome but now next year I've got to top this.
8. Make it to Fest - Best weekend ever. EVER! I'll be back next year.

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