Monday, December 22, 2008

It was suggested that perhaps, when dining out alone or at a bar on two-for-one PBR or Old Style night, I bring a book along. I can't say that's a great idea, given how that's worked in the past, but I may perhaps give it a go in the new year.

I tried the reading a book thing, I did it every day at college. Tech school, actually. To help you understand how badly that went, realize that, according to the school's facebook stats page, the #1 most read book is Harry Potter, #2 The Bible(I'd bet my nuts that they merely put that up there in an effort to sound spiritual), #3 The Notebook, #4 Anything by Nicolas Sparks(the guy who wrote The Notebook), and rounding out the top five is I don't read. Clearly we've got a well read, intellectual student body at tech schools.

I brought in books every day to pass the time while waiting for classes. There was the one day I was reading the Garp book and the girl who I asked out for coffee and said yes but never found the time before going with the basketball player came up to me, looked where I was at in the book and said "Wow, you just started that yesterday, didn't you?" "Yeah, it's a good book. You should read it some time." "I hate reading." It's pretty amazing, but, in three words, that girl went from very cute to ridiculously unattractive.

But, the reading thing doesn't do me any good when I'm trying to meet ladies. Most of the time, I'll sit there reading while doing my best not to show how badly I'm panicking.

But, I'll give it a go in these parts soon enough, just to see. It's about time I reread my favorite book, anyhow. The college girls in this town are slightly different, as they don't go to tech school, they go to a college where you actually have to study and you likely don't know more than your professor. The problem I find with these girls is that they're more interested in texting than they are in going out and having a good time. "But don't you like getting text messages?" No, nothing typed by someone's thumbs has ever been important, don't send me that bullshit.

And today I read this shit with the link-text "a surprising turn off for him on a date". Why is that surprising? A guy isn't interested in some generation Y-bother moron, and that's surprising? Maybe I live outside the norm here, but I'm not looking for just a good rack and a bubbly attitude, I'm looking for someone who I can carry on an actual conversation with. Ambition certainly helps, particularly when they want to do more with their lives than be a stay at home mom. Girls who like nerds and geeks are certainly good as I ♥ girls who ♥ nerds, girls who are geeks or nerds themselves are best. You installed Linux and E17 on your computer? Well, we should probably make out. But my bro tells me those girls don't actually exist. I keep my hopes up but I suspect he may well be right.

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