Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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I went ahead and purchased one of those Eee pc's for my dad and step-mom from Best Buy, who had the lowest price on the things, but made sure to make the process of getting it as painful as humanly possible.

It's been suggested in some quarters that I need to get out more rather than just sit at home staring at my ceiling thinking to myself "Fuck, it's cold!". I've considered moonlighting as a Geek Squad agent which would get me out and put money in my pocket to pay off my car AND it would mean that you could call me with your computer problems. Unfortunately, it would mean you'd have to pay me in real currency and not beer that you don't pay me in, anyway. But after listening to the geek squad guy make a sale to the family of rubes who want to get on this internet thing, convincing them that they NEED a 64-bit machine and that they should pay the extra $100 to have the geek squad guy get rid of the fluff software because, otherwise, "the machine will be slow right out of the box", which, to me, sounds an awful lot like extortion. He even managed to convince them that they don't need an install disk for Vista because they're worthless. I'm surprised he didn't get them to pay the $150 price tag for the Windows XP "downgrade". I should have tapped them on the shoulder and said "You know, for the price of the laptop you're looking at with all the extras Chubs here has added on, you can get a Mac..." Yeah, after hearing that spiel, I don't have it in me to swindle people like that, so I'll continue staring at my ceiling and avoiding your phone calls, that you very much.

After finally getting the geek squad guy's attention and asking if I could get the thing in any color besides white "Nope. But you should buy the one with XP that's $50 more" "I don't think so, Chubs. I've been using Linux since back when your weight was only pushing 2 bills. What, do they pay you in bacon fat and Mountain Dew Game Fuel? But since you're such a computer guru, I notice this thing uses KDE as its window manager. Can I get anything besides KDE on this Linux machine?" "I don't know. Probably not." So it's obvious Geek Squad can't help my family if they fuck this machine up. Great.

I get it home and it's a nifty little thing. I don't like that there's only ~500MB left on the 4GB drive after the operating system is installed and now there's less than 100 after updates are installed, nor do I like that you can only have one user account, so this xandros Linux has to go. I'll probably wind up putting Ubuntu-eee on the beast, as the footprint on that only uses around 2GB and doesn't add unnecessary stuff and uses Openoffice.org as opposed to Staroffice but none of that can happen until I have internets in my home and a thumbdrive that holds over 1 gig, which is cheap nowadays, but I haven't had a need for one yet.

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