Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Birthanksmas ever! Unless you take into account that I really didn't finish any Christmas shopping except for me bro.

So, why then was it the best ever? Well, since earlier in the week, I've been exchanging e-mails with a girl who is dying who suggested that we should get together sometime, among other things that were positive. And so that suggestion was mulled over for all of five minutes and then, using the phone number I was given, put into action. That alone is a god damn miracle for me, if you understand how much I loathe talking on phones, but I figured she gave me her number and there's probably a good chance that my call won't ruin her day, so why not go for it?

Meeting for coffee turned into meet for breakfast because, I found out after the fact, she hadn't eaten for two days on account of her kidneys acting up. My buddy Brent invited himself after earlier in the week saying he wouldn't be able to show. His presence was very welcome, as it made me less nervous and seated me next to Andrea in our booth, which is always a bonus. Because she hadn't eaten for two days, she ordered a pile of food and then mentioned how she is an "oinker". I can't handle that kind of self-deprecation out of the mouths of cute girls because she's by no means "an oinker". To make her feel a little less insecure about eating french toast, crepes and a biscuit, I had to one up her with a strawberry french toast, cherry crepes and bacon(Yep, I'm a bad Jew) and she told the story of how a guy took her to Lame Italian Date Restaurant and said he couldn't be with a girl who put back as much food as her. Sometimes I'm embarrassed by my gender. Often actually, so again, I had to put her at ease mentioning how seeing someone able to eat like me perhaps turned me on a little. Yeah, I'm probably trying too hard.

When we somehow got on the subject of me dying in twelve years now because I don't intend on living a day past fourty, she goes into the "what if you're married and have kids?" There will be no marriage, much to the dismay of my mom. "But what if you've got a beautiful girlfriend?" Not gonna happen. "What if you do? What if you've got a beautiful girlfriend" What, you mean like you? And then there was a smile and blushing and she quickly changed the subject. Still trying too hard? Maybe. Probably, but her reaction was worth it.

Now we fast forward to being back home alone in Point after the meal with much eye contact and smiles but unfortunately no playing with her hair, which I'm told is an indicator of interest. Maybe she doesn't know about that one, though. My brother from a different mother, St. James, who is now a public defender lawyer, came to town with his awesome wife and we drank and played the Apples to Apples with friends. For some reason, I can't win that game unless Erin's mom is playing. Following that was the video game karaoke in which I got thoroughly spanked. Still, good day.

And now back to the meat and potatoes of this shit. There'll be no hesitation, I've got to act on this dying girl thing. Oddly enough, self-doubt isn't screaming out in my head. Perhaps it's because I feel okay around this girl or perhaps it's that even self-doubt is tired of waking up alone and wants to try that waking up next to someone else thing.

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