Friday, November 21, 2008

I can't say I like being "on call" for my job. The pager hasn't gone off yet this week(I knock on wood after typing that so that they don't call while I'm at the hockey games this weekend), but the thought of a loud beeping sound waking me up at midnight because Joe Sixpack messed up his printer makes me nauseous and is a glaring loophole in the "no IT calls after 5" rule set up last week. The extra hours I'd get from dealing with those calls doesn't make up for the fact that most of them happen after midnight, when I'm soundly sleeping. Fortunately, I'm on call this week and not next week as I originally thought, meaning they can't interrupt Tomsgiving preparations with a page "just to see if someone would answer".

Speaking of Tomsgiving preparations, most of the food is purchased, save for the stuff my grocery doesn't carry because they're not as awesome as the store in Appleton, which means I have to try to find beef tenderloin at Copps or, worse, Wal-mart. After purchasing it all, I realized I still don't have stuffing planned, which, even without bird, is essential. So that's another recipe I need to hunt down because the shit in the boxes is no good at all. I think I need more desserts as well. I've so far got three or four in mind, five might tip this thing to the stratosphere of awesomeness but, at that point, I'm reminded that I don't have proper serving dishes, which I was last year chastised for by both my mom and by a certain Erin. I'm hoping Target, who is just as evil as Wal-mart, has something not too garish and gaudy.

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