Thursday, October 02, 2008

Typed in a plane Thursday evening, but posted Saturday

Why’s it got to be that the best day weather-wise has to be the day that I’m due to leave? I don’t know, but it makes me sad. Even sadder was when this plane that I’m on right now flying at 36,000 feet took off, leaving Ottawa and all its beauty behind. I couldn’t help but shed a tear while I look across the suburbs of Ottawa, and then the city proper, and then what I believe to be either the city of Gatineau or Hull, Quebec.

I didn’t make my way drunkenly to the Quebec side to piss on separatist soil like I had thought to. I did, however, plan out how it’d go down the other night. While wandering around the city, I came to the road to Quebec but thought against going that way because I wasn’t anywhere near drunk because I wanted to get in a little earlier than I had been nights previous. After turning around, away from the bridge to Quebec, I went back a slightly different route than the way I came, which led me to an awfully large building across the street from me. Turns out this awfully large building was the American embassy. Realizing this, I figured that if it came down to it, I could do my pissing thing, run away from the RCMP’s(I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any of them) and run into the embassy seeking asylum or whatever they offer. There’s obviously no way the plan would work, but it was fun to pretend.

I’ve got an idea about what to do with the (too few)pictures I took while in the fatherland, which I’m going to hopefully work on this weekend after getting some sleep in so I get off this blasted metric time that these people use.

I can’t help but reiterate that you simply must see this place. Maybe Toronto’s better, I’m not sure, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Hell, I’d almost consider not charging my employer for my time spent on the clock. I say almost because I do need that income for Fest later this month so as to afford t-shirts and beer. The people up this way are friendly and wonderful, even if they all have a goofy accent and love Degrassi more than I do. Oh, and to the girl with the fire engine red hair who I shared an elevator with at the accenture/bank of montreal building where I was working the past couple days, I love you. The guys I worked with thought you were crazy until I told them my hair would be that color if I lived in a far more liberal place than Wisconsin.

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