Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I spent my weekend thinking of ways to do this cd for the kid so I can save his life because central Wisconsin eats souls in much the same way that the giant spiders in my basement eat souls. Without hope in this place, you'll be left as nothing but a hollow shell of a person whose only source of happiness comes from a Packers win.

I set up a tent in my living room using my couch, some blankets, chairs, and pillows in order to brainstorm ideas on how best to present this and settled on it being a multiple volume set, starting with the classics and, if this kid is receptive, bring him up to date over the course of a couple discs. I scribbled notes about what has to be on this original classics disc and, after I'd get back from the coffee shop that has the very intermittent wireless internet connection, I'd think of something else that has to be on there that I don't have access to on cd or mp3 at the moment. "Fuck, I've got to put Adolescents on there." or "I forgot 7 Seconds? Dumbass." or "How can I forget Dag Nasty." While typing, I've remembered that I don't have Bad Brains yet, which would be a crime if that didn't make it on there.

But I'm worried now. While walking by the kid's house on my way home last night, the place looked deserted. No car in driveway, the pumpkins they set up were gone, shit looked bare. So I don't know if Centsconsin ate that family over the weekend or what. I'm hoping I didn't miss my chance to help this kid out.

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