Tuesday, September 02, 2008

There's a pile of random things on my desk, a laptop hard drive, anti-static bags, various power cables, numerous optical mice, and used pads of paper with computer problems written on them. Rather than clean up this mess, organize it, I just adjust my chair so it sits higher.

The three day weekend up north is exactly what I needed. No computers, no cell phones, no people. The Lucky Strikes were taking their toll on me late last week what with deal with calls that I don't have the ability to do anything about and with looming deadlines, I far exceeded my two a day regimen and my throat was dead because of it. With my time off, I've got my head back in order, though my back is killing me from sleeping on a shitty pull out bed, and I'm ready to deal with everyone's printer problems("Is there paper in the printer...?")

It hit me last night into my second beer how I haven't yet done a roadsit at the Fortress of Solitude and I'm thinking one may well be in order. A celebratory roadsit, commemorating this, the year of Tumult, and the best summer since the summer of rock 'n' roll and the fact that, later this week, I'll be cementing my plans of going to Fest. In honor of all that, the first Fortress of Solitude roadsit is going to take place on Saturday the 13th.

What's a roadsit? It's an idea Razorcake's own Rhythm Chicken gave me, wherein one gathers a group of friends, some lawn chairs and some beer(preferably cheap Wisconsin beer) and you sit in the yard and whenever a car drives by, you raise your can in salute and take a drink. And sometimes, you set your lawn on fire. I'll put the turntable on and we'll toast bottoms up to better days to all passersby.

So, roadsit. Fortress of Solitude. Septembruary 13th. All are welcome. If you need an address, contact e-mail is in the comments.

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