Saturday, September 27, 2008

I was going to write this one in wordpad last night while drunk, but drunkenness and fatigue got the best of me before I could even start the laptop. But that means it'll be slightly more coherent but possibly lacking on the details that I've forgotten.

My Zune is telling me that a person can work up a mean, mean thirst after a hard day of doing nothing much at all and to that I have to agree. The night started with me looking to watch a semi-important Brewer game in the hopes of seeing them crush the Cubs. After they did, I stepped up the drinking from three cans of Schlitz during a 9 inning game to something a little faster. But this also requires a change of locales because the late night clientele at this bar aren't my people. So let's step it up at the dive bar with cheap Hamm's because I haven't been in probably a month.

Five beers later, three of which I didn't pay for because of the gentlemen I was talking to about the debate I didn't watch. That many beers later means I've got a bit of a swagger going. One could say I was one sheet to the wind at that point. Only one, not three. While sipping my beer, a young lady sat next to me and started talking to me. I don't know why she wanted to talk to my dumb ass but she did. We somehow, and I don't remember how got on the subject of my personal politics.

"So what are you?"

"I'm an anarchist." Had I been more sober, I'da said Baby I'm an anarchist, you're a spineless liberal but, being one sheet to the wind, I wasn't at my most articulate and I still can't speak in hyperlinks.

"So you believe in nothing?"

"No, that's nihilism." Again, can't speak in hyperlink...

"I'm a gypsy. I sleep in my car or in tents. I own nothing and am only limited by money for gas."

Now, in my sobriety, something like that makes the bells go off telling me that this one is more crazy than a Morman, more batshit insane than a scientologist, and more annoying than a hippy. This isn't a gypsy like those dancing girls in the Gogol Bordello. Run! but drunkenness causes a bit of a disconnect, messages and signals get lost sometimes and the only one to get through was "pretty girl talking to me. Keep going." Fortunately, she quickly lost interest when I didn't offer to buy her next drink(because I don't do that with people I just met, particularly ones who sit next to me and start smalltalk conversations while probably trying to angle for a free drink and don't know the difference between anarchy and nihilism.). She completely lost interest when she said "I'd like a cigarette right now and I wish you'd stop being an anarchist" and I said "Well, I can help you out with the cigarette..." Turns out Lucky Strikes aren't the cig of choice for gypsies.

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