Friday, September 05, 2008

I tried the faux Irish pub last night for a couple reasons: First, the dive bar I prefer, well, let's just say I'm going to give it a rest there for a couple weeks... and second, with school back in session, there's a new crop of people around, most of whom avoid dive bars. Pussies.

The problem with non-dive bars is that you can't order bad cheap beer. You can try, but you'll get looked at like you're a rube for drinking that swill and then told "We don't carry that shit." But I can take drinking middle of the road beers while looking over the bar to see if they still have that ancient bottle of Bushmills whiskey. They don't. But they do have one of those jukeboxes where you can download songs off the internets. I've been searching for one those so I can tell it download the last song on one of the Drag the River albums because the last song on the cd is actually the entire cd on one track. I'd like to do that just to piss people off but this one didn't offer any DtR.

When the douchenozzle boys came in and took control of the jukebox, I knew I was in trouble, that my time here was short. There were no women here, none that weren't all over frat boys. There was the one who snuck up behind her guy and popped his collar for him. No! Don't condone that behavior. The kids in my age group realized the Count Chocula look stopped being cool right around the time we discovered Boo Berry and Franken Berry. Hell, even Yummy Mummy was cooler than Count Chocula. When that very douche played Dave Matthews followed by fucking Freebird, and into bad Sublime, I realized I'm too old for this shit and that those punk rock girls I've seen around aren't here and aren't coming here. Where do they hide? I don't know. Maybe they'll all go to Fest, and we'll all be on the same plane and it'll be the craziest flight I've ever been on. Man, I hope that how it goes down.

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