Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It took spending $1000 for it to really sink in that this Ottawa thing is happening, I mean for reals. I've got my ticket and I've got mypalatial hotel which was picked for me, I'd have settled for Holiday Inn, but this looks ridiculously better. And now I'm getting nervous. The employer is paying for this whole works, but god damn that's a good amount of money and that's only the beginning. I'm told they're paying passport fees, and I'm pretty sure they're paying for my daily poutine regimen.

The AAA tourbook I applied for, which comes one hell of a lot faster with no fee to me that a jersey from Winnipeg to Wisconsin(I'm not saying the jersey should be here yet, I'm saying it should be able to make its way out of Canada in under five days, especially considering that Winnipeg isn't terribly far from the border), tells me that for under $20, I can take a haunted tour of Ottawa, and you can bet I'll be all over that shit for at least one of their tours. I can visit the mounty's stables and training ground for free and make fun of Dudley Doright, and I can easily hop on a quick bus to Gatineau, QC(That's Quebec), which means I may need to bone up considerably on my French because all I really remember how to say from my two years is "Shit! I need some toilet paper." which hopefully won't come in handy. But now that I think about it, I can remember my bro telling me how to say "The monkey is on the branch" which even you can learn from Eddie Izzard. But again, I don't see that information coming in handy unless Quebec is actually a jungle province and I need mounty assistance in defending against poo throwing primates.

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