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2016 year in review

My resolutions last year included dating more, reading 30 books, drink less, eat better, and gardening. How'd I do? I did most of those things except the drink less one. I definitely need to drink less this year because I checked in over 400 unique beers on my beer check in app. The week long brewery tour of Michigan where I visited 20 breweries certainly helped that out. I definitely dated more, which I'm done doing.I've removed myself from the online dating apps because I'm tired and jaded from all the profiles that are exactly the same. "I'm an aspiring yogini", which I assume is code for "I'm a jobless bum with no realistic career aspirations". They then go on to say "My hobbies include Netflix, sarcasm, red wine and the Oxford comma." None of those are legitimate hobbies and I'm a little confused about the Oxford comma thing because, if they're such a proponent of it, they should be able to use it correctly, unless that's their sarcasm shining through. And they have to have at least one photograph of themselves on a beach at sunrise doing yoga holding "affluent white girl on a beach at sunrise" pose.

The few dates I went on weren't all that great. I learned that I need to be more choosy than "Oh, she's really cute" and I've got to trust what they've written about themselves less because often it's not all that truthful and they're all weirdly obsessed with Christmas,but not in a "let's celebrate the birth of your Lord and saviour" kind of way,but rather a "Crass consumerism is fun! It's our god given American duty to grease the wheels of the economy" kind of way.The biggest bummer is when they say they're a non smoker but then they smoke half a pack on a date because they used to smoke but they've quit and "The beauty of quitting is now that they've quit, they can have one because they quit". I'm done with it all, I want to try to meet someone in real life. As much as I miss having someone by my side, I've got to be less desperate to have that, so no more dating this year.

This year, I need to make some friends. I've lived here for over four years and don't really have much of friend circle. I'm kind of a hermit. I've got to get myself out there more. It certainly doesn't help that the bookstore I volunteered for closed its doors in mid-2016

When I was in college, I had this dream that my life would be really one day. I'd have a large circle of friends, I'd have dinner parties and viewing parties where we'd watch Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights. I'd like to try to actually make that happen. I really don't know how to even begin to make that happen, I'm sure it's going to be a lot of work, but it'll hopefully be worth it.

I've got to use my vacation time from work better. I was scrambling to use up days at the end of the year, so I've got to plan actual things. I've already begun to do that by purchasing a ticket to see Sigur Ros in Toronto, which I'm excited for.

I've set my book goal at 20 books this year. I did 30 last year and was able to complete that goal, but I wound up reading things just to read them. There's a couple that I barely remember reading after looking over my list. I read the first two Harry Potter books and didn't like them at all, but I told myself I'd read the first three, so I have to read the third one. Otherwise, I've got a large queue built up of books I've started that I should finish or most likely start again and then finish.

I bought a Japanese style daily planner as part of my planner for the year which I want to start using to do a bullet journal that'll hopefully keep me organized and on task better. I had a good year at work, but 2017 looks like it's going to be a lot of work. We've got a ton of PCs to replace, so I might wind up traveling for work again to knock out a few offices.

I need to cook more this year. I had been in the habit of just eating a protein shake for breakfast and dinner after working out every day, but I barely cooked, which is kind of sad for someone who has an extensive cooking magazine collection. I want to learn how to make pasta, pretzels and I've got to bake more, start learning how to make homemade breads and pastries. I'd like to get comfortable enough to do a beef wellington for Christmas this year. I did a turkey for the first time in 2016 and turned its carcass into stock which made delicious reinvigorating soup. I somehow managed to stop drinking coffee at work in 2016, which made me far less cranky every day, which is a great thing and I feel like it made my head a little less foggy. So I want to keep that up and start cooking more often and eating better, which should be pretty achievable.

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