Friday, September 16, 2016

While volunteering for the 5k race my business park puts on yesterday, I saw the little curly haired girl for the first time in six months. Rather than talk to her, though, I thought to hesitate and see if I caught her eye first. That didn't happen. My dating luck hasn't been great this year, so I wasn't about to put myself on the line for this one.

It bummed me out all day thinking about it. Seeing her doesn't necessarily mean she still works at my business park, she could potentially have been signed up by some old coworkers. She seemed to be talking to a few people every time I saw her. What if I did strike up conversation with her? How do I even begin that conversation? "Hey, Little Curly Haired Girl? What's happening?" Who am I, Charlie Brown? What if I invited her to the outdoor showing of Back to the Future tonight? Then I've got to come up with witty banter and somehow stop myself from going on about time travel and how crazy the concept is. And I'll fail miserably at that. If I did strike up conversation and she wasn't interested,that'd be great. I could move on and forget the little curly haired girl and stop fantasizing about a time where I've got my Tomnasium and I have weekly dinner parties or Packer potlucks with tons of friends and we talk about music, movies, books, food, and current events over drinks while I've got the little curly haired girl by my side, living a great life with direction. That's my dream.

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