Friday, August 12, 2016

A new brewery opened up less than one hundred yards from my house? The outdoor movie got canceled because of rain? There's a Packer game on? I tried dating a Ted Cruz supporting Republican, against my better judgment, after trying to date so many spineless liberals? Time to drink some beers and a lot of them. I don't care much about football,hockey is more my thing, but the only hockey I'm going to see here is Blackhawks hockey and I couldn't possibly care less about the Chicago team because I'm not a yuppie or a bitch. I'm contemplating burning a week of my vacation to follow the NHL team I like to Minnesota and Chicago,but not to their home province because Winnipeg is the Detroit of Canada and I don't need to find out why that is. It doesn't help that tickets to a Winnipeg/Edmonton game will be nearly impossible to come by because that's a huge rivalry going back a while to the Gretzky days.

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