Saturday, June 18, 2016

Fun date tonight! It went better than I hoped for. She was at least as cute as her photographs, which online dating has taught me not to expect. She shows up in this maroon dress with books on it. Cute as a button. She actually dressed nice for a date and I didn't feel like a tard for wearing a tie!

I made a picnic basket to accompany our movie night, but we barely put a dent in the food, largely because I went overboard, as I'm wont to do. I brought up my pending trip to Pastyfest, which excited her. After I mentioned that I'm staying at a B&B again, she tried to go off on a tangent about how she wants a B&B stay to be quirky like on Gilmore Girls, but she prefaced it with "This is a reference you won't understand". I fell for her even harder as I corrected her, that Gilmore Girls is, in fact, my guilty pleasure.

At the movie, she asks how she knows the main character. "Oh, do you watch Degrassi? Because that's Eli from Degrassi."

She looks shocked and I'm worried possibly also disgusted. "ELI! Tom, you know Degrassi, too?" Fell for her even harder and now I'm in trouble. All night, she kept doing this thing as she was talking where she pushed her glasses down to the bridge of her nose. Every time, my brain was all "HNG! Cuteness overload! I'mma stop working now and I'm taking your ability to speak with me." This girl is like my 10/10. How do I not fuck this up? I just, I don't know how to keep her interested, how to be interesting. She asked me what kind of movies I like and I effectively dodged it because i didn't want to let on that i watch largely documentaries and indie films and when I find an indie film I like, I watch it over and over if I have a bad day. I tried to deflect the conversation back onto her because she's really interesting to me. Her political views are largely opposite of my own, which I was concerned about, but it wasn't an issue. I suspect that when I see her again and explain that I volunteer for a co-operative bookstore, it might become an issue. I deliberately never broached the subject during the date because I was afraid of finding where she stood on the issue of Trump because supporting him may well be a deal breaker. And I didn't want to mention that I also won't vote for Clinton, so I'll be sticking to my anarchist ideals of writing in "no one" again this time around.She mentioned a couple times that she didn't like socialism, I think to gauge my reaction. I didn't go off on a rant about roads, schools and other socially funded institutions because Turbo Kid is on and I've got my arm around a super cute woman.

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