Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's been a bad month. I went on my first real date of my thirties with a girl I had been talking about Ninja Turtles with. My dream girl, right? So I was naturally really excited to hang out with her, which seems to be a recipe for disaster in a world where winners and losers are measured by who cares less. She was smart, too. I learned a bit about myself in the process. Like, I don't watch enough television. I actually don't really watch any television outside of the Turtles or Adventure Time. Going through the enjoyable bullshit I got to go through after losing the use of right side, I gave up on keeping up with popular culture. I just really don't care about it all. I mean, I can't relate to it at all. Shows about beautiful people falling in love? Yeah, that shit ain't about to happen to me and paying to watch it happen to other people seems not unlike rubbing salt in a wound. The red flag should have gone up when I heard "I think television is the storytelling of our time" because what about, I don't know, actual stories? And I realized that I have no idea how dating works, which by my mid-thirties should be pretty straightforward. I don't know how to relate to anybody. I've been through a load of shit that pretty much nobody else has been through, I've seen what it's like at the bottom and I've come out the other end, only to find out along the way that the people I thought I could trust were people that I shouldn't have been trusting at all. I don't particularly like talking about it all with a person who is more than likely going to fade out of my life because they don't like what they hear.

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