Sunday, January 11, 2015

Perhaps I need to expand my circle friends in this new year. My brother's best friend is moving to Portland to be a hipster at the end of February and he's about the only person I ever hang out with, if I hang out with anybody at all. So maybe it's time to join a meetup group again to expand my horizons and start an actual social life. I used it successfully a couple years back to join a weekly group that played some tabletop games but I quit because a new kid joined. Presumably a student Marquette, he was probably autistic, or, at least, I hope he was, because that would explain his inability to control the volume of his voice and the silly voices he made, much to the annoyance of everyone else there. I otherwise enjoyed it and happily returned every weekend for a couple months, even though I didn't feel like I fit in because those dudes were ultra-nerdy, which I'm pretty sure I am, just not in the same way as those dudes.

Perhaps I need to get more involved with the bookstore or the co-op grocery or the co-op bar because I feel like those things are the best part of the neighborhood I live in and I'm proud to help those establishments out when I volunteer with them and the people are always friendly. It seems like they always have openings on the board of directors, which I don't feel confident helping with because a lot of these people are really hippy and I think their ideas are a lot of times incredibly stupid.

Maybe there's a way I can do something for the hockey team. I have season tickets for a second year and I really enjoy going to the games and the people there are generally decent, but it's not a good place to find a date because it seems like hockey fans are all large people, like comically large. I actually saw guy die at the game on my birthday. Not as part of the game, but while walking around before the game, I saw paramedics attempting to resuscitate him. I saw the fat in his belly contracting while they were doing CPR, it was pretty disturbing. I knew the guy had died because, during the first intermission, the area was blockaded off. I read in the paper the following day that the dude died of "natural causes" but that was a big fucking guy, that had to have something to do with it. I fortunately didn't see his face because that probably would have haunted me more than it has.

Maybe I need to go back to the Linux User's Group, even though I didn't really like the way went about it. They didn't seem very technical with what they were doing. They were very noobcentric, which I guess makes it more accessible but they didn't encourage doing much more than very simple tasks.

It's be cool to find a group that could help me out with my gardening inspirations. It seems like that should be something I should be able to find in my neighborhood somehow, probably through the group who sets up the plots in the park at the reservoir or the group that builds garden beds at people's homes in April.

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