Sunday, August 10, 2014

As of today, I've officially lived in Milwaukee for two years and I'm glad I can say it's continued to have been a positive move for me. Could shit be better? Most definitely, but shit doesn't suck. I've got a job where I don't hate everybody and gives me access to a fitness center that I make use of every day. I'm a season ticket holder for the hockey team. I volunteer at the anarchist bookstore every week. I go for "Date night with Tom" every Friday to try a new restaurant by myself because ain't no one trying to date me and, just because I'm a damn ugly fucker doesn't mean I'm not going to try out new shit. I live in a place where bands I actually want to see tour through. I've got two tickets to see Alton Brown next year. I think my life is right about where I want it to be. I mean, it'd be awesome if I got actual vacation time at my job so I could go to Fest, which officially isn't happening because tickets are sold out, and it'd be cool to spend some time elsewhere. I think I'm about where I want to be with just about everything. It'd be cool is my exercises got my left hand to operate like a hand again or if the cute violin playing accountant ot the nerdy bartender with the fire engine red hair at the geek bar wanted to accompany me on Date night with Tom, but, realistically, that ain't happening and I'm okay with that. If I could find an apartment to live in that would get me a closet larger than a small kitchen pantry and doesn't cost more than a house payment every month to live in, I could be pretty happy. I've tossed around the idea of getting a house or possibly a condo, but I don't like the idea of being anchored to Milwaukee because I don't think this is my forever home yet.

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