Sunday, December 08, 2013

I've got my holiday schedule planned. Cookies next weekend, tamales the following weekend. My grandma and my aunts used to bake a ton of cookies for the holidays, a tradition my aunts have kept up since my grandma's passing some sixteen or so years ago. They don't just make a few cookies when they do it. They spend all weekend cooking and decorating, I'm talking tables full of damned cookies enough to kill a person. My grand was diabetic, for fuck's sake. I don't have the space in my house for that kind of operation, but I've got at least eight different kinds of cookies planned, possibly more if I can find a good Pfeffernüsse(which were my favorites, but there were never many of them) recipe and what my grandma put in the pinwheels. It wasn't just jam, I'm fairly certain.

I want to leave tins of cookies for my neighbors but I'm conflicted over leaving some for the Jewish family across the street. Not because they celebrate Hannukah, but because I don't know what they can and can't eat. I don't want to give cookies to them only to have the kids(there's like five of them in that small house[apparently Jews hate condoms more than Catholics]) see them and the dad say "Nope, Can't eat these. That salt's not kosher."

Now that my car is fixed, I'm left with no reason to not go home, which sucks because I'd like to sleep in on the holiday and make my bro some devilled eggs like my other grandma used to make until she forgot how, even though they give you deathly gas. They're so delicious, it's worth it. All I want is to sleep in, wake up, smoke a cigar and relax. I'll wear my ninja turtle pajama pants all day and have a marathon of the new show now that Casey Jones is in it and it'll be awesome.

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