Saturday, November 30, 2013

I got the nice jacket from Brooks Brothers, even though it was only 20% off for black friday. I've walked to work for the past two weeks because my car won't work and that makes a warm, nice fitting jacket a priority. I still had to waffle about spending an absurd amount of money on a jacket, but a beer from the new restaurant/pub helped me mull over the fact that this jack should last years. The man at the store said it will last a lifetime, which seems very optimistic, but he's a salesman, that's his job. Retail therapy helped soothe the sting of no Tomsgiving and no Iron Maiden beer and the fact that I had to ride the bus to get to the mall

I want to give my old jacket to the homeless guy who I walk by every day as I get to work. He's set himself up on the stoop of a building a block away that looks like it was possibly renovated into a shitty dance club fifteen or so years ago and later abandoned, so now it adds to the overall shittiness that is the area two blocks from the Marquette campus. That's a thing that still stumps me, why is the area two blocks from this fancy, expensive school such a shit hole? It seems like that area should be ripe for gentrification that all the suburbanite white folk are so fond of. The only problem I have with giving the homeless dude my old jacket is that I don't know if that's offensive or if he's crazy enough to stab me afterwords. Dude just sits on the stoop all day, never asking for change or saying a word to anyone. I honestly don't know if he even talks. I was glad that he acquired a sleeping bag as the nights started to get cold because I can't imagine trying to sleep on a cold concrete step without one. I noticed that he had also taken the plastic sign from the crappy bar nearby that advertised $5 "Martini's". I want to believe that he's an intelligent homeless guy and ripped down the sign because of its poor grammar, but what probably really happened was that one of the horrible downtown gusts of wind took it down. My old jacket should do the guy well, it's still quite a heavy wool jacket, better than the fall/spring looking jacket he's got now. It's December tomorrow and he's going to need something thicker soon because even a sleeping bag with some plastic bags around it isn't going to keep him warm in January.

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