Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I was nervous for this thing. My boss and my boss's boss came to town so they could see the building we're moving into next April so they could survey the situation with how they're going to lay out the network. This is their first time seeing me because our skype interview didn't display picture on their end, which I wish I could have fixed during our interview, I think that would have put me way ahead of everyone else, even though I got the job.

I felt the need to make a good impression because I went ahead and bought the season tickets for the minor league hockey team, which is about a month's worth of hospital bills, which is how I measure out major purchases now that my bills are paid off. Anything less than what I was sending to hospitals for not fixing me is of little concern to me, but as it approaches a month's worth of bills, I have to put more thought into it. Not because I can't afford it, I well can, but because what terrible horseshit is going to happen to me next? Who's the next asshole to try to decimate my pocketbook?

I didn't fuck up today. Everyone sang my praises because I'm kicking the shit out of their project, despite the roadblocks they're putting in my way, those of major program incompatibilities, which should be eliminated by switching to non-Microsoft dependent software. I still don't understand why this move away from a twelve year old operating system is a surprise and why they're balking about having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get updated software. The software company knows that they've got my company by its balls because they're the only game in town and now it's time to twist while they can get that desperation money.

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