Saturday, June 01, 2013

I used the public library for the first time in the hopes that they had a usable printer/scanner combination so I could get the mountain of paperwork for my new job in order. I walked in on an old man talking to the poor lady at the service desk about his problem with Windows 7 and how he needed them to order him a book that showed him how to use Windows, but "not one that teaches typing because I don't care about that." Listening to his problem, it sounded like he managed to hide his taskbar, but I could be wrong because his description was that he did something which changed the picture and he needs to figure out how to make it come back and that ordering a book on amazon wasn't an option because he doesn't have internet at home. The flustered lady tried directing him to the computer reference books and was desperately trying to explain to him how to use them. I considered stepping forward and letting him know that I could fix his shit in five minutes, but he looked like a stabby homeless person and I'm not getting stabbed so someone can take the two dollars in my pocket, which isn't even enough for a 40 at a bodega, even the bodegas that look like they were burned in race riots.

I unfortunately didn't find any scanner at all at the library, so I'm going to have to waste time on a workstation at fedex/kinkos so I can let my new contracting agency know that I won't steal from the bank that they're sending me to and that I understand how the sexual harassment policy works.

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