Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I guess the Skype interview went well because I just heard from the recruiter that they want me for the contract position despite the fact that the video portion of the Skype call didn't work on their end.

This is an unexpected good thing, for a day that started off kind of shitty. When I finished up showering and applying hair product, I got a call from a man representing some business called New Horizons, that is, by his description, a certification mill. For the basement level investment of $3000, I could get A+ certified and be guaranteed employment for the rest of my life! Never mind that a book for that test is $40 and the test is under $150, that's a $3000 investment opportunity, right there. Oh, you're already studying for the Linux+? Don't waste your time on that. Linux is a fad. Forget that 80% of the servers that run the Internet run Linux. It's a fad, a meme and will be gone any week now, just like Orly the owl, Bad Luck Brian and Good Guy Greg.

It looks like Fest might be a thing I can do now and maybe, perhaps, gencon, or, maybe, I should consider fixing my car or getting a new used vehicle or a better place to live with a better kitchen and covered parking. Fuck 'eh.

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