Friday, April 26, 2013

The asshole flower guy comes walking around the bar, doing his rounds. Should I buy that cute brunette with the pigtails in her hair drinking PBRs faster than I'm taking my Points a bouquet? All cute girls should have flowers, that should be a fucking law. There's not enough whiskey in the this bar to make that a good idea and I should know, I've won the $25 bar tab for winning trivia night more than once. The one time, the guy with the face tattoos apologized for continuing to serve me doublewhiskeycokenoices after I was well past self-respect.

And that Tom Petty song about how she was an American Girl comes on. Is that a sign? It's a song about suicide, which has been on my mind again, being unemployed for over a month now. It's a song that reminds me of the time I slept on the bus bench at Fest because my Debit card expired and I couldn't get a hotel room, even though I prepaid for the damn thing. I spent about an hour trying to find the place where the girl in the song committed suicide. I figured, Tom Petty made a catchy song about it, surely there's a monument for this on the campus somewhere. Nope. This is surely not a sign and that look she beemed me as I got up for the bathroom wasn't one of "Please, you should talk to me." It was more one of  "Please? A Rocky Dennis looking motherfucker like you ain't about to consider talking to me!" Welp! Time to find the bottom of a bottle somewhere else.

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