Saturday, March 16, 2013

So, that's the end of that. I found out she left for another position somewhere else. I don't feel so bad that it was also my last day at that project. I had been telling myself that if she quit, I was leaving, so I guess that worked out. That was the most poorly managed project I've ever worked on. The manager was a complete idiot and his underlings knew it. They straight out told him his ideas were stupid and weren't going to help me with my project to flesh out those ideas. I could have finished what I was working on in half the time if I had their assistance, ,but why tell them that when you're paid by the hour as a temp worker?
The worst part about not knowing if me and that girl could have been a thing is that my self doubt appears to have been right, again. She never said "Hey, today's my last day!", so it's obvious that I was little more than a minor annoyance to her. I meant nothing at all to her, ven though talking with her was always the high point of my day. She didn't entertain the thought for even a second that maybe there could be something with that ugly guy that smiled ridiculously large at her every day. I guess that's good information to have going into my second favorite holiday of the year where I intend on breaking my twelve pint-no puke record set six years ago. The clarity will give me added concentration for the task at hand.
It kind of bums me out that I won't get to see her Monday. I had planned on bringing her a piece of grasshopper pie leftover from my St. Patrick's Day celebration. The best laid plans of mice...

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