Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ordered a pitcher of beer, no cups so I could people watch at the zombie pub crawl. The Riverwesters looked the same as normal except with makeup on. The annoying guy had on jogging shorts, a basketball jersey and a tennis racket on his neck. Running shorts are a fashion item here, one that makes no sense to me. My brother's friend told me it started out as an ironic thing but it's not anymore. I realized after one sip of beer that my friends were right that the cheap pitchers of Blatz just pitchers of whatever they need to get rid of, probably Keystone Light, so that was a long nasty pitcher of beer. Fortunately, I pre-gamed, so I drunkenly texted my friend Tony who I haven't spoken to for three years and asked if he was still alive. He was a guy who came to my noon math class still drunk from the night before on more than one occasion. We hit the town a few times and he introduced me to my favorite Appleton dive bar that I haven't been to for at least five years. I recall one night drinking with Tony where he wanted me to be his wingman which got awkward very quickly because I'm not a wingman. I'm the guy you compare yourself to to make yourself look better by comparison. I don't think that constitutes wingman and it certainly didn't work out for Tony that night. It's good to know my buddy's still around, though, that dude was pretty cool. He won a competition at school to work with Bobby Flay the night he came to town, which is something I'd never be able to do without telling Bobby that he's a bitch.

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