Thursday, October 11, 2012

My plans for the evening include watching the vice-presidential debate and drinking beer, both of which can be done in the same place, the co-op bar down the street. I think about how co-ops are a big deal in the area where I live and it makes me wish I were here when I was younger and cared more about that kind of thing than I do now. Now, I look at the college students who extoll the virtues of the various co-ops, the grocery, bookstore, and bar, and I see someone who is going to stop giving a shit about it when they get a paycheck and can afford to shop entirely at Whole Foods and look down on the people buying meat. This co-op bar, in its previous iteration, my brother tells me, was frequented by the same kind of people who ordered tallboys of PBR at $3 a 16oz. can while he drank tap pints at $2 a pint. That makes me laugh because a pint's a pound the world around, so they were paying a one dollar premium to drink from a can.

The last time I watched a vice-presidential debate, I was in an airport bound for Milwaukee. I don't remember where, but I must have been coming home from Canada, so it was probably at O'Hare and I remember everyone at the terminal crowded around to laugh at Palin say dontchaknow. I don't know why I  want to watch this because I already know who I'm voting for or rather not voting for and seeing this won't change my mind.

While watching, I plan on flipping through the latest Cook's Illustrated to figure out Tomsgiving VI:"Is it six now" or "Lakefront or Hinterland, I don't know which quarter barrel to get".

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