Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Doing work, listening to that self titled Slapstick album that I recall listening to nonstop in 2000. This shit still holds up some twelve years later and I hate myself for not going to Riot Fest with my friends to see them reunited for a one off show. With my balance as shitty as it is, huge shows terrify me because I can't stand falling down and I don't want to be reminded that skanking is a complete impossibility right now.

I used to have a pair of shorts that were basically held together with a well placed Slapstick canvas patch and some safety pins. I don't know what ever happened to those shorts, I assume they eventually crumbled into dust. Somewhere I have a VHS tape of what I think might have been their final show. I remember getting that tape in the mail and being pissed that it didn't work at all, so I took the tape apart and noticed that the reel wasn't connected on one the wheel thingers, so I taped it together with some scotch tape and bastard worked. I recall taking massive pride in Macguyvering a fix like that and loving watching that tape almost nightly. I'm pretty sure my copy of that record is in exceptionally shitty shape because I nearly wore down the needle on my record player on just playing that record over and over that summer. I remember that my vinyl copy has a skip on the song 74 Fullerton right at the beginning that's positioned sucj that the horn part with continue to play over and over and sound like it's supposed to be happening and keep going until you nurse it along. I'm pretty sure I played it on my radio show at least once and forgot to nurse it along for about thirty seconds not realizing that something was amiss while looking through CDs for the next shit to play.

I don't know why it is that I hate most ska music these days. I think it has to do with the fact that most of the people I meet who enjoy it are rabid fans and come across as complete dorks and its all they talk about, which annoys me to high hell. Generally, they're the dorks who loved band class in school and will immediately love a song simply because it has coronet in it, even if it's just a sound sample that's repeated.

Listening to this reminds me of the Mailorder is Fun CD from Asianman Records that's probably the best sampler I've ever heard and blew me away that it was dirt fucking cheap back in the day. That's the one that introduced me to the world of mailing away for records and shit.Just fill out the form and mail it to them with a ten dollar bill in the envelope and in about a week, you had your shit. I always worried about sending cash through the mail, but I've never been burned by any of the labels I've dealt with which really surprises me.

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