Thursday, July 12, 2012

This morning, the scale thinger at the gym balanced out at about 123.5, which is 46.5 pounds less now than a year ago. It's also normal for me. I want to take one of those pictures where they stretch out their fat pants and show what they've lost but I can't quite line it up right. I fit into my Seattle pants again, which means I've got a 28" waist. I haven't had that for years now. I don't like being a person that goes to the gym every day, I never wanted that for myself, but my day isn't right until I leave the gym feeling like shit because I'm exhausted from the eliptical(I could only work on it for a minute and a half before seriously thinking I was dieing the first time I used it) where I do a three minute mile and the incline treadmill at a thirty degree grade. I find myself walking that bastard singing what have I become through gritted teeth. The fat ladies who aren't serious about weight loss look at me like I'm nuts because that high grade puts me a good three feet off the ground and I probably look really pissed as I'm doing it. Use an incline treadmill as high as it goes for a half an hour and try not to look pissed at the twenty minute mark. There's another dude there that had a stroke or something. He's got the walk and the curled hand, I want him to work out harder so he doesn't lose anything but I don't want to say anything about how he's got the treadmill set at the bitch setting. One of the super fat guys who go for pool aerobics, one of the guys who look like Peter Griffin and I'm lucky enough to see change into swimsuits, told me he looks up to me because I'm there every single day, even Sundays, and he can't imagine the things I've gone through. I wanted to tell him I can't imagine being in his position of "Do I drive the Jag to the gym or the Cadillac?" and how that's a problem I could handle but I just thanked him instead. There's no way I'm going to make my resolution of doing sit-ups with 70 pounds resistance short of anabolic steroids or disgusting whey drinks. I do a hundred a day with a 45 pound weight on my chest, which is good enough for me considering how, almost exactly one year ago, I couldn't do any. I think I'm good with the hundred sit-ups and the beginnings of a six pack if I flex really hard and don't drink a beer.

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