Friday, December 02, 2011

I've secured a Tuesday morning phone interview with the bank mere blocks from my place. I'm pretty excited about this one. They need a second tier help desk guy, which is a step up from the shit I was doing, I think. second tier means I'd be dealing with the shit the first tier noob couldn't figure out, so it could be some actual interesting stuff that doesn't include password resets, messenger installs for customer service ladies, or computer moves for those very same customer service ladies. I've got to think of questions to ask in the interview, which seem to be coming along easily. Questions like "how often will I be on call?" because I hated that shit the most because, if they were paging me, it's because something was on fire. I'm thinking positive thoughts because the job went up only a couple days ago, so they got back to me right away, which I assume means they're interested. I have to trump up my daily tasks that included Citrix installs and VPN troubleshooting for sales guys who couldn't figure out how wireless internet works.
And today is pizza Friday, which I love. What I don't love is that my weight loss has stagnated at 141 pounds. I'd like to lose this serious muffin top I've got going on, which looks really gross. Tonight I'm creating my character Filo the hippieslayer, which should be interesting considering I've not done this D&D thing before. And I've got to troubleshoot whatever the hell I did to my linux box to make the keyboard and mouse unresponsive when I start the X window manager. Fun, fun, fun.

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