Sunday, November 06, 2011

I met my buddy Brandon at the bar last night. We spoke of downtown Frankie and hunting when the alcohol took over and I said "I fit into my skinny jeans!" and he told me I'm the most upbeat motherfucker he's ever seen because I celebrate the small victories from all the heavy shit I'm going through. What else can I do, though? The thing is, I'm not actually all that upbeat, I've just been drinking more lately. I got introduced to the bike guy at the bar who is this awesome older hippie who fixes bikes. When I get my leg, foot and balance back, I'll have him fix my bike back to working order. I tried the reading a book in the bar thing to invite women to talk to me but the bar is a dive, so you only see Shreks who don't read. While reading about Joe Strummer again, I wondered what he'd think of these 99%'ers. I kind of think he'd be down with them. I'm not, though. They had a thing on Monday with Food not Bombs, my favorite charitable organization. Unfortunately, they were all dreadlocked hippies spouting tired cliches with nothing inspired to say. I watched one write "end the fed" on the ground and then proclaim it was some kind of work of art. I wanted to ask him what he thought that meant because I'm certain it's just something he read on a placard on the news, but I figured he'd call me a narc because I can't get behind their cause. I get that the banks are made of marble and it pisses you off as much as it does me. I don't know if this'll lead to the white riot that Joe was asking for almost thirty years ago, which is what I had originally hoped for from these people, but they just don't have it in them.

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