Saturday, November 26, 2011

Batch 1 of my chocolate coffee cake didn't turn out because I read the recipe wrong, forgetting to add the heavy cream. I blame it on not being awake yet, but batch 2 turned out edible, though not looking good, as I don't have the cute looking cups like they do in the picture. I'm doubting my ability to put together coq au vin and whether or not I want to even attempt it. The 5 pounds of thawed chicken scream yes, I want to make it, but the fact that no one's coming leaves me even less excited about putting it together. I've spent the morning trying to listen to my record collection and it's not motivating me at all.

The folks at the tech school sent me their brochure and I'm left wondering if culinary school is a step I really want to take. Do I really have it in me now that my cheering section is gone? I don't like fighting computers and the idiots that operate them, but I'm good at it and it gives me a paycheck. I don't really want to be one of those assholes that lives for a paycheck and an easy lifestyle, but it's comfortableI just don't like telling people I work with computers because it's automatically assumed that I'm a programmer. To this day, my dad doesn't understand that I don't do programming at all and I'm a saner person for it because I find nothing more annoying and futile than hammering out unintelligible shit to try to make a computer my bitch and have it do what I want. Would I be happier in a kitchen in the back making food for fat American slobs who think orange cheese is haute cuisine? I don't know.

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