Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Antagonize all you like, you're not going to beat me down any harder than I beat myself down. I'm my own worst critic and I can tell you, your words won't get to me until she completely blows me off on my birthday. That's gonna hurt. I know it's coming, though, so I've got time to prepare. I'm not supposed to speak of her anymore because I was asked not to in a message not written by her(I know because anonymous was spelled incorrectly and she wouldn't make such a glaring spelling mistake because her spelling and grammar are so much better than my own, it's not even funny). Berate away because the things in my head are far worse than the shit you spew. I have to accept that she's with another guy because she's moved on far better than I can ever hope to. She gets to accept that she's the kind of person who leaves when the going gets tough without ever communicating her dissatisfaction.

said Tommy T. at 3:28 PM - #

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