Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now that the college kids are moving back for school, it's time to secure my wireless network again or figure out how I can make it so that when someone connects, it flips their screen(PROTIP: hit ctrl, alt, down arrow at the same time. If your drivers are fairly recent, it'll flip your screen. To change it back, hit ctrl, alt, up arrow. Use this on your enemies. It'll make their IT guy laugh at their stupidity, I promise).

Now that the insurance company payed the hospital what amounts to what I get payed in two years at my job, I don't have much to be worried about, except losing my job, which would make it hard to pay the remaining bill that I'm responsible for, which is currently more than I payed for my car and would amount to a small down payment on a house. I'm tossing around in my head applying for a job at the new pizza place that they converted from the venue where my brother and I used to go to shows. It kills me that they've got arcade games and a pool table in the room where we saw such greats as Mad Trucker Gone Mad and Little Blue Crunchy Things. But I do love pizza and wouldn't mind becoming a pizza chef in my free time. It would help me work on figuring out how to invent that burrito pizza that I'm sure could change the world. I can't feel too bad about the venue going away, I've seen two shows there since I've moved back to town, both were very horrible. Am I getting old when I no longer care about the venues that made my youth slightly more tolerable? Probably.

Maybe I'm just not punk rock anymore. I'm skipping Fest this year to further concentrate on paying bills. My decision was made easier by the fact that my favorite venue down there isn't doing shows this year. I'd still love to go down there just for the arepas at the coffee place or the gator burritos at Boca Fiesta and it kills me that it's very likely that Cobra Skulls, Teenage Bottlerocket, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are all playing. If you look at their tour schedule currently, it ends in Atlanta on Oct. 29. To not go to Gainesville the next day would be asinine, particularly for those bands. I'm in dire need of a new punk rock hoodie because my current Cobra Skulls one is showing its age now at three years old because, despite being an old man, I still live and die in hoodies.

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