Sunday, December 27, 2009

On Christmas Day, I had to break my streak of 13 years of not seeing a doctor. I've had earth-shattering headaches since last Sunday morning that just kind of came up out of the blue, which I figured were caused by too much shopping the day before, starting and finishing Christmas shopping the last weekend before Christmas is a horrendous idea and one I won't do again, Birthanksmas be damned. Quite possibly worst Birthanksmas ever.

I must have looked like absolute shit on Christmas because, during my nap, Hanna's parents talked it over with Hanna, and suggested taking me in to get me checked out despite my fear of hopitals and doctors. Dr. Bienvenidos suggested a CT scan to look my shit over, which I was hesitant about because I thought that was the circle tube machine and that thing terrifies me on House because I'm fairly claustrophobic but Dr. Welcome assured me it was an open air thinger and that it's not as bad as the tv makes it. He speaks the truth, it was fast and not enclosed at all really. Dude got the print out and found a splotch of blood in there, which is supposedly the cause of my pain and so he sent me to another hospital that can take care of such things and they gave me another scan with some dye shit in me to find out what's up in there, which supposedly showed(I haven't seen it yet[I'm hoping to get a copy for work so I can show them what their idiot questions do to me]) a series of veins. bleeding in my brain. This is why I hate doctors: they don't know any way to tell you that kind of thing so that it's not the most terrifying thing ever even when they say this is treatable. Nor do they know a good way to tell you that you had a stroke at some point, but not a bad one, obviously, because you didn't have any symptoms of it but this thing has been growing in you for a long time.

They say they have to do surgery on me soon to get this shit taken care of which had me scared until they let me know how they do this because I was worried they'd have to cut off my skull in some serious House shit to try to dig this thing out of me, as they say it's deep in there. They say they'll go up through an artery, which is much less terrifying than the taking off part of my head option but still very terrifying as they'll be mucking around in my brain and one twitch can turn me into a teenage labotomy, which I don't wanna be.

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