Thursday, October 08, 2009

It only took me until Thursday, but I'm finally caught back up from the problems the asshole from corporate gave me bright and early Monday morning, spurring from a site-wide deployment of a new antivirus software that wasn't supposed to happen until later this month and really shouldn't have happened until then, but my emails to him about how the deployment script not properly uninstalling the previous software were clearly ignored. FYI: Mcafee and Symantec don't play nicely together... My only saving grace during this fiasco is that the mill is down this week, so a real hair tearing out experience was avoided. Although, I almost headbutted an Indian guy for being as asshole and treating my like a second class employee because he's some kind of management employee who thinks that the whole of IT should drop whatever they're doing because "Oh shit! Sajneesh is missing a button in Outlook and his computer is maybe, possibly acting a little funky after he tried to fix his work laptop himself because he's got a computer at home and he knows how to fix that and he hasn't gotten a virus there for at least three months!" God damn Sajneesh(not his actual name, but it's just as Indian). He's only lucky I don't headbutt dudes with prosthetic limbs.

Other things have happened lately, but I can't think of what they are as I've got a massive sleep debt to repay due to inability to sleep because I don't want to go to work in the morning, possibly the beginnings of an ulcer,and surely an aneurysm.

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