Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If you're go to Fest, they give you a map printed in their booklet detailing all the bands playing. This map is wildly not to scale and is very deceiving, so figure out a way to use the official google map, that way you're not stuck eating Leonardo's and Gator Dogs(not made with actual gator...) all weekend. It's good for a slice, but everyone(including bands) eats at the Reggae Shack who is very vegan friendly. I may try it this year, but then again, Big Lou's NY Style Pizzeria sounds intriguing, as does Flaco's Cuban Bakery and Coffee. People rant and rave about Five Star Pizza, but a lot of those people are drunk and will rant about any old slop thrown on a breadlike crust. The dude sitting outside the back door smoking who-knows-what and selling individual slices from a 70's era fold out lawn chair makes me a little nervous. Fail Safe warehouse is way to the north, bands play there nightly. Late. You're not going to walk that unless you want to miss the whole thing, so make friends with someone who has a vehicle and don't lose them and your ride back or split a cab. Alcohol tends to be a acceptable payment, except to cab drivers. House shows happen at this shit, but generally aren't publicized until Friday or Saturday so as to avoid getting shut down right away, though there's already some listed. There's stories of floors collapsing at those things, though. No Idea Records puts on a garage sale on Saturday, get there early so as to avoid the slow moving line, which will make you miss your favorite band. They pretty much give shit away at this garage sale, and a lot of it is cool. Someone, somewhere sells gallon jugs of Bushmills whiskey, I'd still like to know where my Canadian friends found that. Unless you're Shane MacGowan, you'll probably want to share that gallon jug with a lot of friends.

Look for me to take a silly picture on 2nd Ave. and 6th St., perhaps toting a bottle of cheap wine or desperately, drunkenly searching for one Mike Sinkovich.

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