Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This coming weekend is kinda huge and I'm quite nervous about it. I'm meeting Hanna's dad. She assures me he's nice and that she's instructed him to be on his best behavior but it doesn't belay my fears.

I've never had a father like me. I've had several that outright hate me and one who gave me the worst criticism I've ever received from another human being. Dude took me aside and told me that I'm not good enough for his daughter because I "have no personality whatsoever." In my defense, the guy was a douchey elementary school principal who believes that Friends is the best television show in the history of mankind and if his daughter's life can be like that, then he's a success as a parent. I regret not punching the guy in his face, burning "fuck you" into his lawn, deflating his tires and reminding him that Friends is the worst sit-com of all time and that Ross is gay.

I'm certain Hanna's dad isn't going to be a dick because Hanna is absolutely the coolest girl I've ever met and so I'd imagine her parents have to be pretty awesome as well. I don't think I'll be called a noob or anything far worse, but I'm still stressed out about the whole ordeal.

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