Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm fairly certain the meeting the parents went well, far better than expected. Then again, just about anything that didn't involve my own disemboweling qualifies as "far better than expected".

Hanna got a laugh out of me driving exceptionally slow on the way back from the Mexican place, a kind of self preservation technique employed to give me at least a couple minutes more alive and next to a girl that thinks I'm the bee's knees. The option was there for me to bitch out and simply drop her off and be on my way without making an appearance, but that's one of those sophomoric moves that have never been my style. As much as I was absolutely terrified of her family hating me, bitching out in that situation would give them a very real and valid reason to not like me. I'm really into this girl so I don't need to be in the business of fucking things up.

About the point where I figured "Oh fuck, I'm losing him here!" after skillfully dodging the "What's a good computer to buy?" question, her dad mentioned where their vacation spot up north was and, I'll be god damned, it's in the very same place my mom and step-dad go almost weekly. When I brought that up, dude couldn't stop talking about it. My hook was set based on something I have no earthly control over. I think I can deal with that, as long as her dad likes me and doesn't want me dead.

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