Tuesday, September 08, 2009

After a shitty week last week, ending with my boss telling me on Friday that I'm now in charge of ordering and supporting all cell phones in the mill, which is Tom-ese for "Tom, you need to find a new job.", it's good to have a completely awesome weekend.

When Hanna came Saturday night, we exchanged our mix CDs, which is totally and completely awesome. The CD I got from her brings a great big smile to my face and my friends who were over on Sunday tell me that yes, this girl REALLY likes me. It's so good that I'm worried the one I gave her wasn't good enough, although she tells me the Stars song makes her swoon, so mission accomplished.

Unfortunately, she left earlier than expected, so she wasn't able to meet my friends or witness my mad cooking skills, missing out on the prosciutto wrapped chicken breast I made just for this occasion. The food turned out mighty tasty but the dessert I tried making didn't turn out, I believe on account of my poor conversion skills. Why again haven't we switch to the metric system like the rest of the whole god damn world? Dear President, make that happen. That's real change I can believe in.

A paid Monday off of work is a very good thing. While today still felt like a Monday a little bit and it meant having to catch up on computer issues submitted by people who were working yesterday, I'm still glad I wasn't here yesterday. I used my time off to very nearly buy a television, but I'm not convinced that I need one, yet, even though the size of the one on sale was about where I'm looking at 51". I'm pretty sure at that size, hockey will fucking rule.

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