Wednesday, June 03, 2009

These twelve hour days are killing me. It probably doesn't help that I'm of no help on any of the issues that arise and I wind up being some kind of middleman, routing issues to the people who CAN take care of shit.

When I walk out of this place at six at night, I walk out a zombie, only a different kind of zombie, one whose prime directive is no "braiiiiinsss..." but more like "beeeeeddddd..."

The whole thing is messing with me. I should have made a call last night but my complete inability to fix any issues at work on my own make me extremely cranky and I'd really rather not have that come across on the phone.

She wants to see Social Distortion with me. Bestill my heart when she brought that up. I mean, that's end of July, a full sixty days from now. It's already been more than thirty days which kind of means that my theory that a woman can only be interested in me for one month, thirty days, give or take depending on if it's a leap month or not, isn't holding true. I'm glad of that because if there's any scientific theory that needed to be disproved, it was that one. Unless, of course, I'm living on metric time right now and there's one hundred seconds in a minute, one hundred minutes in an hour, etc... I'm trying to figure out the math in that because I'm bored at work. It looks like that would mean there'd be a million in a day or rather, a day would be called a "megasecond", which would make a month 30 megaseconds long. But that's not right, because you're probably supposed to keep with hundreds thing, this being metric and all, so a month would be one hundred days long, 100 megaseconds. It's too early to figure out what one hundred million seconds equates to in our silly ass Imperial system for measuring time.

God damn, I'm tired. It probably shows in how much this shit jumps around. The coffee here is weak, and the only sugar they've got is the stuff that causes cancer. Sixty hour week, here I come!

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