Friday, June 05, 2009

If I possessed any intelligence at all, I'd have started moving stuff to my new apartment today after work when it's not raining but there were two packages on my doorstep when I walked in. One that contained a fairly good sized order of records from interpunk and one containing a 7" from Mitch Clem and so, rather than doing the smart thing, I put those bastards on the turntable and then decided that, without cheap beer, I'm not quite getting the full effect here.

So, rather than packing and transporting shit, I'm absorbing some Schlitz, a Garlic Cheeseburger from Marvin's and a stack of new vinyl. I've decided that Teenage Bottlerocket record with Bloodbath at Burgerking makes me miss The Lillingtons even more, The Radio Faces make me miss Nato and the Modern Machines, Franz Nicolay reminds me of that time my buddy and I saw World Inferno/Friendship Society and we ran into Jack Terricloth at the bar beforehand when I was drinking Schlitz and Jack was drinking wine and we talked about Joe Strummer, that Andrew Jackson Jihad record isn't as good as their split with Ghost Mice where AJJ's first song is one my bro says is the song that describes how he's feeling these days, Shang-A-Lang had damn sure better play Fest this year, as should Anchor Arms and finally, Whiskey & Co. is pretty good drinking/smoking Lucky Strikes music.

And so tomorrow, if it's not raining too hard and if I'm not feeling lazy after 56 hour work week, it's time to start assembling The Fortress of Solitude mk. II.

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