Friday, March 20, 2009

So the Smarch Sadness is in full swing. It's the lousy Smarch weather coupled with neverending basketball and talk of it, even from people who have no interest in sport whatsoever.

I don't get the fascination with basketball and all the hooplah that goes along with it. A guy scores two points, celebrates more than is neccessary for scoring what ends up being 1/50th of a team's total score in the end, then another guy takes the ball, runs the length of the court, scores two points and the unneccessary celebration begins for the other team. Really, if the final score to your game can be 111 to 107, it's probably too easy to score. They should really do something about that. And when people tell me "Well, sometimes they get in fights at basketball games and sometimes they'll fight with the crowd"(I couldn't find the video of Ron Artest fighting and then getting pelted with a plastic cup and then going apeship, fighting a guy in the crowd. It happened, though.) and I say "Motherfucker, please! They do it better in hockey! If they fight with the crowd, the Boston Bruins wind up beating a guy with his own fucking shoe!(seriously, at :37 seconds in there's a guy getting beaten with his shoe) Try again, why is basketball relevant?"

And I don't even own a TV.

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