Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm thinking that, for the third week in a row, I'm staying in on Saturday night working on getting this new laptop exactly right. It only took two weekends to get e17 working somewhat, which I think means my leet Linux skillz aren't as honed as I had thought. Lame. Today's ordeal is the arduous task of getting Windows 7 beta working on this beast and perhaps downloading and watching degressi episodes if Windows doesn't kill me first. Yep, I'm a regular party animal these days.

So let it be known that I'm single of my own volition. If I ever complain about my situation or type some ridiculous meandering post about how great being single is which is a clear attempt at convincing myself I'm not unhappy, please remind me of the fact that it really is my own damn fault and I really oughtta quitmybitchin.

And now I'm kicking myself because my buddies got back from Utah/California/Arkansas sooner than they told me they would, which means they probably expected to be back today but their teenage years when they were alcoholic druggies have left their minds a little lacking, so they're not the greatest at getting the date correct. So it turns out I very well could have had someone along for a painful tattoo session and I probably should have asked that girl to do the roller derby thing. Mega-lame.

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