Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm sure I ask this every year and I google it every year to find out that, yes, March is the month that's the one that comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Now that we've seen the lion part, when's the lamb part gonna get here? My forecast thinger tells me the high for the next eight days is 46. This forecast thinger has guessed too high by 10-15 degrees for each of the past five days. Give me warm, god dammit! I stopped wearing my long johns two weeks ago and now my legs are cold every day. I'm not putting them back on until November because that's the way it should be. After the ides of March, there shouldn't be any more need for long johns or dual sweatshirts or wool socks.

Fact: I haven't listened to any of my records for over a month because my downstairs is so cold and drafty.

Every single person whose issue I fix at work these days tells me how I'm the best one in my department because I'm the only one who fixes their problems in any kind of timely fashion. I should probably be telling them that the I.T. department is kinda like a well run kitchen. You've got your pastry chefs, sous chefs, any number of other specialized people, and then there's the guy that fucks up the risotto, at least Gordon Ramsey would have me believe there are people that can't make something as simple as risotto. I.T. is the same, you've got your manager, your systems administrator, your programmers and your helpdesk guy. It's the help desk guy's job to deflect any issues away from the ones doing real work. I should tell my users that, but I've got low self-esteem, so I just say thanks.

I'm pretty sure I'm becoming the most boring person on earth these days. Even more boring than my dad. When I get home from work, I sit on the computer and do homework, after sitting on the computer all day and doing work. I don't talk to anyone, really, except for myself. I have to screen my phone calls now because I let slip with my number last week to someone I never would have given that number to in sobriety. Awesome.

Fact: I only shower a couple times a week in the hopes that less people will walk into my office asking me to fix their "innernet" if I've got greasy hair and smell of onions, garlic and Old Spice Pure Sport deodorant. It doesn't work.

I wish I could slink, sway and dance like Tom Waits in the Downtown Train video. I think I'd settle for having that voice though, or even just looking that badass in a fedora.

Why did The City Mouse follow me on twitter, even though I just joined that site to enter a contest, used it once online and forgot about it because my phone is for talking on and usually not even that? Does he know that his thing on that Drag the River album b-side is my favorite track on that album(the first song on his myspace)? Or that his 7" with Lucero backing him was a sleeper hit for me a couple years ago? I don't know.

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