Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tomsgiving just got stepped up a few notches, its for reals now.

My buddy Brent is inviting people left and right, kind of annoying because they're coming one day and not coming the next, so I've got to ask him to stop doing that. However, he did me a solid today, telling me he was told that yes, Andrea is coming. Andrea is dying, kind of. She is also, last I heard, single.

What this all translates to is that I now have put serious work into this thing, as in more than just cooking a kick ass feast. I've got to clean my place, which is not to say that it's a mess, it's just I'm not an avid duster. Or bathroom cleaner. I mean, I clean the toilet as necessary but not much else because no one's using it but me and I don't have to be able to see my reflection in the tub. It's actually better that I don't see that in the morning. My mom would well have a fit if she visited. So that all needs to be remedied. And something needs to be done about the smell from the furnace. The ducts probably haven't been cleaned in many years, so when the furnace kicks in, which is often with this damnable cold, you're greeted with the smell of dead skin cells and whatever else dust is made up of. So I'll have to get a bunch more air fresheners, candles, incense, and whatever else makes things smell not like ass.

Food, so far, is going to be beef tenderloin for the omnivores and probably pasta for Brent, perhaps gnocchi with pesto or something, along with a ton of sides and even more desserts.

And now I'm really nervous.

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